Virtual Bar

Virtual Bar is an interactive and educational module that allows a user to input their height, weight, and other metadata to track their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) as they consume alcoholic beverages, food, and water.
Character Design, Game Engineering, Character Animation, Tech Art, WebGL
For this project BIG eMotion partnered with Actual Size to create a training module to teach alcohol responsibility and safety to incoming college and university students. A user can input different body parameters that help to calculate their Blood Alcohol Concentration after consuming different amounts of food and drinks. To do this, BIG eMotion designed an animated and interactive character, Gerrie. As Gerrie consumes more, his attitude first gets peppier but eventually, with enough drinks, Gerrie descends into an inebriated and unresponsive state. Along the way, a user can read about the effects and dangers of alcohol consumption, including legal driving limits and the long terms effects of binge drinking.

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