The Rickflector is an interactive experience that allows a guest to travel the Rick and Morty multiverse and get schwifty with your favorite characters from the show.
CG Supervision, Character Technical Direction, Augmented Reality, Animation, Experience Design, 3d Modeling
We partnered with the talented team at Deeplocal bring the show Rick and Morty to life for Comic-Con 2019. Knowing how much fans love the characters in this show, we wanted to give Con attendees a chance to interact with them in Rick and Morty’s world. So together we created the Rickflector, a pod where people can trans-portal into the Multiverse alongside the likes of Pickle Rick, Mr. Poopybutthole, Cromulons, and more. Before entering the Rickflector, visitors customized a character based off their own likeness to create an avatar with over 1,000,000 unique combinations. Once they got inside, their avatar's DNA was scrambled with that of a popular Rick and Morty character, which came to life in one of five games set in the world of the show. The Rickflector was a huge success at the event, with tons of love from fans and the creators of the show.

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